24 Hours to Discover Abaco


I recently read a question posted by my good friend Brad Beach over at Beach Outpost, that asked his loyal readers, “If you had 24hrs to visit an island which one would you visit.” This question got me thinking, and my answer was instantly Abaco.

The Flight:

Thinking it would be unfair to answer his question with a single one liner,  I decided to book a flight to Abaco and see exactly what I could do in 24hrs on an island I loved so much. As I watched Nassau fade away behind me. I began to plan and strategize how I could maximize my 24 hours in Abaco.

The Flight into Abaco

Immediately after the plane landed I heard a familiar sound calling out to me.  Luckily for me I knew the voice well, and headed straight to a local eatery to appease my stomach.

Now for the well travelled souls out–there who insist that food and immersion in the culture is as much a part of the trip as everything else, I suggest you start your breakfast at Geno’s restaurant, which is located in Marsh Harbour, Abaco.


Geno’s is run by an Abaconian ( native of Abaco) who slices and dices from the kitchen, all things Bahamian. His menu has an assortment of items, starting from the well known favorites like pancakes, omelet’s and eggs.

But for the down home native he has incorporated many specialties like Chicken souse, Sheep tongue souse, Stew fish, Stew conch and many more scrumptious items.

Looking over his enormous breakfast list, I became puzzled at what to get for breakfast. Finally I decided to go with the Sheep tongue souse. Souse is a Bahamian dish that is prepared similar to a stew, but without the darker coloring. So in the end the broth is clear but seasoned very well.

This dish is served best with a huge slice of Johnny cake; which is a Bahamian bread, that is light, fluffy and slightly sweet which goes great with breakfast dishes. But, do to an extraordinary appetite that morning I also opted for a bowl of yellow grits.

Sheep Tongue Souse & Yellow Grits

Johnny Cake

Bird Watch

After barely being able to walk after breakfast, I took a drive around the island and got to see some of the most beautiful scenic views in the Bahamas. Feeling adventurous I decided to make my way into the bushes and climb the steep hill that led to the Bird Watch post.

Bird watch nestled in the Bushes

Disappointingly, I didn’t get to see the famous Abaco Parrot, but what I did get to savor was the beautiful blue waters, that looked completely calm and serene. Similar, to what the English colonists must have saw, when they settled here, after fleeing England at the end of the American Revolutionary War.

Water View from the Perch

Ocean View

View from Bird Watch

The Water

The blue

Beginning to feel a bit nostalgic I decided to go and discover a beach, I could call home for a few hours. The beach I settled on was in Treasure Cay, Abaco.

Sand Dune

My private beach

This is a beach where the water varies from every shade of blue and is crystal clear.

The Lone cay

As I looked across the vastness I sat down and slowly allowed my troubles to fade away, and not before long I was wrapped up in a mid-morning slumber that careened into the early afternoon.

Looking out

passed out

Afternoon cocktails

Feeling completely rejuvenated, I decided to head into town; to mix with the locals and have a few cocktails. The place I settled on was Curly Tails, which was named after the many Curly tail lizards that can be seen walking along the beaches and trails in Abaco.

Curly tail Lizard

Curly tails which is a favorite spot of the locals is also a coveted secret that is kept by all the avid boaters and sailors who flock to Abaco every year for its amazing waters and beautiful fishing areas.

After enjoying some of the local cocktails such as the Bahama Mama and the Yellow Bird, I was invited by one of the island’s most notorious DJ’s to take a trip over to the local  radio station.

Interview with two Soca Legends

Radio Abaco

After getting a behind the scenes view of how the music is selected and how the islanders are kept rocking all day. I got the chance to listen in on a live interview being conducted with two of the greatest Soca legends, the Bahamas and Barbados have ever seen;K.B and Biggie Irie.

K.B is a Bahamian soca artist/song writer who helped put the Bahamas on the map with his catchy lyrics and foot tapping beats. Biggie Irie, who hails from Barbados, is man of great stature; who has captivated many ladies hearts with his silky smooth ballads. Both men were in Abaco promoting their Soca concert being held that night in Goombay park in Abaco, which was set to be a great show.


Soca Stars- Biggie Irie & K.B.

The Stomach Beckons

After all the excitement at the studio it was time to feed the hungry animal becoming restless once again in my stomach. After being captivated by breakfast, I was unsure whether dinner would live up to the hype, but that thought was soon dispelled.

We pulled into a quaint little restaurant spot named Jaime’s which is famous in those parts for its food and hand-made ice-cream. Scanning the menu quickly I decided to order the Grilled Pork chops, with peas n’ rice, macaroni and a side of coleslaw.

After squeezing a lime over my Pork chops and biting in, I bellowed out in a distinct Bahamian voice “ Mudasick this food taste good buh”. Not being able to control myself, I poked and prodded until my friends allowed me to sample their dishes, which were the double fried Pork chops and the grilled grouper.  Both dishes were equally tasty, but hands down my grilled Pork chop stole the show.

Grilled Pork chops

Double Fried Pork Chops

The Concert

KB Onstage

With the ravenous animal in my stomach well in check, I shuffled slowly back to my room for a quick wardrobe change and then onto the concert. The concert which was headlined by K.B and Biggie Irie did not disappoint and was an awesome way to end my 24 hour journey in Abaco.

I was sad as I left, but with so many good memories intact I already had Abaco on my list for another trip in the near future. What will you do with your 24 hours in the Bahamas?

15 Responses to “24 Hours to Discover Abaco”

  1. RumShopRyan says:

    Great post! I love the photos, especially the one with you chillin’ in the hammock with a beer. Great stuff. Have a great weekend!

  2. Brad Beach says:

    Thank you for the props and kind words! It is amazing how only 24 hours can encourage a lifetime of memories. My wife and I were married in The Bahamas back in 2008 and we always reflect back to each and every special moment the Islands instilled in us. We never had the opportunity to visit Abaco, however, we did get the chance to visit other Bahamian Out Islands including Eleuthera, Harbour Island, and the Exumas.

    As I look at your photos of Abaco, they remind me of how serene and beautiful the beaches are in The Bahamas. And the food! Your post has given me a craving for some conch fritters with a side of rice and peas. Of course this would all be washed back with a couple of bottles of Kalik or a Goombay Smash. I heard that Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar on Abaco is an experience all on its own.

    If I had only 24 hours to spend in The Bahamas, I would definitely take my wife down to either Abaco or back to the Pink Sand beaches on Harbour Island and Eleuthera. Maybe even back to the Exumas, but that would be pushing the limits a bit too far. Honestly, any beach would do. The Bahama Islands are a blessing and there are so many places to visit. 24 hours may not be enough time to some people, but in my opinion, any time is beach time!

  3. BahamasDread says:

    thank you brad. I feel touched that i was able to instill some nostalgia in you, and i’m happy you choose the bahamas as your marriage destination!!

  4. BahamasDread says:

    thanks Ryan

  5. Mary Bellanti says:


    I love this, I don’t think i ever looked @ your blog before. You’ve convinced me, I’m totally visiting next winter. Miss you!

    Mary :)

  6. BahamasDread says:

    thanks for the luv mary. I miss you too. i have lots of stories to share and updates every week. dont forget to subscrive via email to get the tantalizing tales delivered to your inbox weekly :)

  7. sts says:

    You post great posts. Bookmarked !

  8. BahamasDread says:

    @sts Thanks for the kind words

  9. Good work, keep us posting, you are very good writer.

  10. BahamasDread says:

    @Free tattoo designs. Thank you, more good stuff too come every week!

  11. BahamasDread says:


  12. Skip Wright says:

    Great Post! Makes me want to go and explore The Abacos ….

  13. BahamasDread says:

    yeah mayn, abaco is such a great island one of my favorites. Do you have a favorite island?

  14. Love this post! If I had to choose one island to visit, it would be Green Turtle Cay in Abaco. But per your post, there is so much to do on the mainland, too — going to make more time for mainland fun on our next trip.

  15. BahamasDread says:

    Thanks for stoppping by Amanda, and I love your photos of green turtle cay.
    Looking forward to updates on the house and your many more adventures in abaco

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