A foodie explores the Bahamas

What a foodie dreams of...

What a foodie dreams of…

As I casually flipped through the newspaper while enjoying my scrumptious breakfast of home made raisin bread, laden with guava jam.

I stumbled upon a casual title that caught my attention.

“Foodie Tour launches in Nassau”

As if exploring new food options wasn’t already my passion, pairing the two words together did something for me, only a great food experience could do.

It piqued my interest and whet my appetite at the same time

And as  I digested the article my stomach began to yearn for the delectable treats that might be  savored on this tour.


After my tour was booked and scheduled, I commingled thoughts in my mind as I tried to grapple with the concept of

whether this tour would be good , or just an awesome waste of a good Saturday afternoon.

As I made my way to the downtown meeting place, I carefully surveyed the sky as rain clouds decided to build, but even the precocious chance of rain couldn’t keep me away  from a treat that my stomach longed for.

So as I clambered up the stairs to the Cathedral, I bumped into another couple who had traveled from North Dakota and was too here to take part in the tour.


Right on time at minutes to eleven thirty, our tour guide arrived in graceful form and began handing out our tasting guide,

which would serve to provide us with a carefully planned path to the days activities.

As we began to recite our names and do short introductions.

I quickly got the sense that this tour would be filled with fun; as the crescendo of excitement built as every word cascaded off our tour guides lips.

Then came the disclaimer:

“If at anytime  I begin to speak to fast, nudge me , tug me, tell me to slow down.  Because I get excited when I talk about food and I cant help myself”

A food lover leading the tour .


As we made our way to our first stop, participants started to familiarize themselves and joke about the stark weather conditions they had left behind to experience the sun laden shores of the the Bahamas.

And before we had chance to break a sweat, we were at our first stop; which happened to be Bahamian Cooking Restaurant.

As we gathered impatiently on the doorsteps, I was immediately thrown into a trance as our tour guide Alanna dove into the history of the restaurant and the intricate tale of the owners.

Welcome to Bahamian Cookin'

Welcome to Bahamian Cookin’


All weaved together, this made for a great intro for our appetizers;Bahamian conch fritters.

As we eagerly bit into our conch fritters and the juices oozed onto our napkins , we were enthralled by the tale

of how conch is caught, gathered , cooked and served.

For not only were we being treated to delectable treats, we also got a history lesson behind how the dish was prepared.


Conchy conch fritters from Bahamian Cookin'

Conchy conch fritters from Bahamian Cookin’

Moving on.

Satisfied with the beginning of the trip, the entire group was ushered out into the street and reminded

that our samples would get bigger on our next stop and to save room to make it to the end.

But before the pit pat of feet took us to our next stop, Alana once again weaved in the tales of history of old.

As she described monuments and historical buildings that signified the true Bahamian spirit and how our Island  was made up.

As we made it to our next location, which was actually a Jamaican restaurant.

My mind grappled with the concept of how could Jamaican cuisine be apart of a Bahamian tour.


The excited group begins to chow down


But it wasn’t until Alana explained to us through historical references and cultural lessons that we too soon understood why this stop was so important on our Journey.

And the food did not disappoint.

While we had some members in our group rushing to clean their plates, I savored every moment and lingered on my sweet plantains, as the jerk chicken exploded in my mouth with flavorful goodness.

And as my mind boggled between savoring my sweet plantains on my plate and then washing it away with a glass of freshly prepared carrot juice, it was truly a delightful conundrum.

Jerk chicken and plantains

Jerk chicken and plantains

It got better.

As the tour continued on and we made our way to our other stops and heard endearing tales of pirate settlers and swash buckling owners, every stop was enhanced by the excited chef’s we met and welcoming staff.

It was as if, I too was seeing Nassau for the first time.

All my senses were piqued, as the tour played concerto to my eyes, ears, lips and stomach.

Alanna Rogers - Recounts tales of pirates of Yesteryear

Alanna Rogers – Recounts tales of pirates of Yesteryear


As the tour ended I struggled to conclude in mind whether I had just experienced my best history lesson to date or my best food tour.

Not holding fast to any one choice, I settled upon being greatly impressed by the food, my tour guides’ intricate grasp of the history of Nassau and the warm and inviting way the tour was structured.

I’m giving this tour 5 stars and if your in Nassau or making your way to the Bahamas, this is how your vacation should begin.

Sharing smiles with Alanna at the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory

Sharing smiles with Alanna at the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory

If your interested in learning more about the tour or booking the tour visit “TruBahamian Food Tours” and enter the promo code “SANDYSLIPPER10%” to receive a 10% discount off your food exploration into the heart of Nassau.*

 *promotion expires on April 30th 2013

About the author: Fabian Christopher is the Managing editor and owner of Sandy Slipper Travel and online magazine. An avid enthusiast of the Bahamas, he is always ready and available to make your vacation dreams in the islands a memorable experience.

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photo credits: welcome to bahamian coookin -Leanne Key

Pirate of yesteryear – Leanne Key


6 Responses to “A foodie explores the Bahamas”

  1. Jodi says:

    Can’t wait to do this when I come back!

  2. BahamasDread says:

    Let me know when your coming, we may be able to do it together :)

  3. Yummy! I didn’t know about this food tour and may have to explore it next time I’m in Nassau. One of the other Bahamian blogs I follow featured this tour, so I bet y’all connected! Also, I find your timing very interesting because tomorrow I am launching a new Foodie Friday series on my blog, focused on Bahamian dishes! Swing by and check it out . . .

  4. BahamasDread says:

    it definitely is a must, when your visiting nassau. cant wait to read your article tomorrow, food just gets me excited.

  5. Michael Mitchell says:

    I really like your blog, I saw this competition that I think you would be just the right person for! It is about creating the national dish of your country. What would you say that is for …?? Would be awesome if you could be the representative for your country :) I myself will compete for Jamaica :)

    Here’s more info about it:

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