A tale of two friends: Rumshop Ryan & BahamasDread

The tale below is a story of two friends, the Bahamas, Nassau Royale and a wild party on the beach!

The Sandyslipper

How it happened:
Ryan and I met online during a chance encounter when he stumbled onto my blog because I was talking about the Bahamas, and the inner details of an island getaway, and I stumbled onto his blog because he constantly wrote about rum, tropical drinks and the island life.

Personally for me when it comes to mixing the island life, with a good island drink I’m hooked. So we began our friendship, consuming anything that crossed our paths that involved either of the aforementioned passions.

So during my intense research of the Bahamas and passing along any tidbits that may be of interest to anybody who was interested, I came across a swell giveaway that involved a trip to the Bahamas, a hotel stay and an excursion for two.

Its better in the Bahamas!

Travel Hacking:

So after passing the information along to rummy, he began to conjure up ways to the win the aforementioned prize. It seemed easy enough, all he had to do was enter and do something zany about why he wanted to be here. This is when he asked me to deliver a Bahamian flag.

I didn’t have any ideas as to what he had up his sleeve, but I knew it would be something worthwhile. So without fail I set out to send him the biggest and broadest flag I could find and I did.

Lo and behold Rumshop did it and wowed the judges with a Bahamian flag, the tourism motto etched in the sand, an authentic license plate and some Bahamian beers selectively placed in the photo for good measure.

Timing is key:
Now Rumshop being a travel hacker of sorts, found a convenient way to time an awesome free trip, with an equally awesome beach bash you guys have come to know as the No Shoes Radio Winter Beach Bash concert hosted by Tambo and the crazy guys from No shoes radio.

Winter Beach Bash

No shoes radio in the Bahamas

BahamasDread and RumshopRyan

Meet up:
It was the end of a long day of work for me and for rummy a long day of drinking Nassau Royale’s and coke. But that didn’t stop us from partaking in another drink at the infamous bullion bar located at the British Colonial Hilton.

After exchanging bro handshakes and pleasantries, we were immediately chuckling about our experiences, backgrounds and our plans for world domination. All amidst a great burger, several cold beers and some smooth drink cocktails.

The laughter turned into a ruckus and we wound up downing a few more drinks for good measure. Upon leaving I promised Rumshop I would treat them to an authentic Bahamian breakfast, and give them a real taste of what the island could serve up.

Saturday morning

Upon arriving at the Hilton, I met Rumshop immersed at the lobby PC updating his Facebook and his status settings so his diehard fans could be updated about his travels. But what my dear good buddy had actually overlooked was the fact that he had accidentally missed the most awesome swimming with the dolphins experience ever.

Apparently, somewhere between partying all day with No shoes Radio the day before and sipping Nassau Royale’s all day, he had gotten the days mixed up and had missed the excursion all together, by an entire day.

Guess who's leading the Congo line?

No shoes radio Pirates invade the Bahamas

The Fix

Resigned to throw in the towel, and left with a glum look on their faces, I watched as the pair walked into the lobby looking defeated. After taking a hard look at two very disappointed souls, I realized I couldn’t let it end like that. So I flexed a little Bahamian know how and told them to give the office a call, when we called originally the number was busy, but I introduced them to the slogan of “Your in the land of make it happen”.

So I told them not to worry, I would work it out and we went to breakfast. During our delicious breakfast of stewed fish and Johnny cake. I drummed up the number for the dolphin encounters once again. After dazzling our most pleasant dolphin encounters rep Michelle with a few pointed questions and a wide smile she could hear through the phone, I had managed to get rummy on the excursion for Sunday morning.
All we had to do was arrive early and we would be taken care of.

With that commenced the smiles from Ryan’s beautiful travel partner and good ole rummy was back in the good books.

Stewfish and Sky Juice

The happy travellers

Saturday night
After parting ways for the afternoon, Rumshop made me promise I would come out to the concert on the beach and I reluctantly gave in. After making our way to the Sheraton we arrived at the hotel, only to be greeted by some diehard parrot heads who Rumshop had met earlier. You see he had become a legend in those parts in a matter of days.

Everyone wanted to meet the blogger who wrote about beach drinks, island life and becoming a castaway. After finagling me a wristband so I wouldn’t get thrown out of the venue. Me and Rumshop started trading bro-handshakes and the fun began. He was able to wrangle me a cold corona from some of his buddies he had met earlier and then I began to show him the island techniques.

Befriending one of our bartenders for the night, I exchanged a few subtleties and we were on our way to free booze and a good time.

After seeing some of the opening acts perform all of us had begun to get the munchies, but we knew we would get clobbered with the hotel prices. So I did what any well skilled Bahamian would do, got the pizza guy to deliver us some pies to the beach.

Thirty minutes later I disappeared and reappeared with two large boxes of pies.

If sharing a beer was the great equalizer, sharing pizza on the beach with strangers was the ideal way of making friends the United Nations way. Before long we had a rousing group of friends, we were all swaying from the music or the liquor, I’m sure it was a little of both and we were all happy.

Tambo initiating shots!!

Mishka performing in the Bahamas

Sunday Morning

Finally Sunday morning arrived, after we spent the night drinking vodka and eating salmon capers in the VIP suite with some special fans and Mishka’s sound crew. As I arrived at the Hilton, I was met by Rumshop and his travel partner at the lobby door. They were definitely not trying to miss the same excursion twice.

After arriving at the dolphin encounter desk, michelle and I began our exchange of meaningless banter and laughing about life on the islands, and before we blinked Rumshop and his travel partner had their bands, and they were all squared away for their trip.

Time to say goodbyes

As we waited for other passengers to arrive, we exchanged our final goodbyes and I bid them farewell as they boarded their excursion.

In the end drinking with a legend was fun, but making lasting friendships was priceless!

I can’t wait to see what adventures we have next, when we meet up in…

About the author: Fabian Christopher is the Managing editor and owner of Sandy Slipper Travel and online magazine. An avid enthusiast of the Bahamas, he is always ready and available to make your vacation dreams in the islands a memorable experience.  Interested in island travel, drop him a line!

8 Responses to “A tale of two friends: Rumshop Ryan & BahamasDread”

  1. RumShopRyan says:

    Great story Fabian! You made it sound like it just happened yesterday. Hangin’ out with you in Nassau was a great experience and I also feel like I’ve made a true friend.

    Until our next adventure!

  2. BahamasDread says:

    Thanks buddy, hanging out with you was a blast! Until we do it bigger and better next time!

  3. Vixity says:

    Sounds like a good time was had by all of you.. MISHKA, I love him.. I wish I could of been there! I love reading both of ya’lls blogs.. I want to make the next party like that..See for people like me who cant travel all the time YET…I live my island life through you both. I have my trips I take every year and God willing I will be in the Abacos in 2013, but you two keep it real and I enjoy it.
    Thank you both


  4. BahamasDread says:

    Thanks vixity, im glad you enjoyed it. I will definitely keep you informed of the next party. and the abacos in 2013 sounds like a great plan

  5. Kay says:

    Wow guys how fun! Great post!

  6. BahamasDread says:

    Thanks kay it was tons of fun! Thats what happens when you put two party animals together! lol

  7. oh wow guys I felt like I was there! You two seem like you had such a great time. Thanks for sharing it. I was wondering how you two got to know each other.

  8. BahamasDread says:

    The entire weekend was a blast. I’m thinking about planning a weekend getaway maybe next year, where we can invite all of our twitter and facebook friends to share in the fun.

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