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So by now I know you’re wondering who is this guy, and is his advice and recommendations any good.

Well lets get down to the Nitty Gritty!

I was born and raised in Nassau,Bahamas.

I left the beautiful 242 (as the Bahamians refer to it) in 1999, to explore the world and pursue a degree in Engineering.

After studying in Atlanta and then later in New York which seemed like an eternity. I moved back to the Bahamas in 2007.  After returning home, I began to re-acquaint myself with everything Bahamian. From the best breakfast dishes, the best bird watching escapes, the hottest party spots and the bluest and the most exhilarating beaches known to man.

While traveling and  studying, I  collected some of the most zany friends from all around the world from as far away as Eritrea and as cool as Rochester, NewYork.  After the word got out that I was living in the Bahamas, everyone began inviting themselves to my home.  Being too cool to turn anyone away from the best and coolest islands in the world,  I became an unofficial Ambassador of sorts!

During my tours I became obsessed with providing my friends with the best experiences they could have in the Bahamas.  After receiving so many emails of gratitude, from my friends both young and old , I decided to put all my know-how here in one-place, so all visitors of Paradise could have the best experience ever.

Journey with me as I navigate the 700 islands, and direct you to the best fishing holes, watering holes, beaches , party spots, and the most secret getaways that weren’t discovered by Christopher Columbus..

Let’s enjoy it together,

Fabian- Christopher

Managing Editor/Owner

Lead Coordinator

Teresa Nicole

Teresa is an avid and energetic young traveler who has visited many islands of the Caribbean.

She has traveled and explored islands such as Grenada, Jamaica, and multiple islands of the Bahamas.

Teresa has an impressive background that stems from hosting a variety of events including launch parties for major brands such as Heineken, Absolute and Hennessy.

She has also coordinated wedding receptions,  international soirees and a variety of other destination events.

Teresa enjoys boating, traveling and entertaining friends but most importantly making sure her clients are happy.

If you’re looking for a trip or an awesome event with a woman’s finesse, Teresa will make it happen for you.

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