How to explore Nassau in less than 24 hours

The predawn beauty of Nassau

It’s a beautiful lazy day here in the Bahamas and as I passed by the beach on the way into work during the early dawn hours. I began thinking of creative ways to pass the time; if I somehow managed to escape the office early enough.

So many ideas came to mind and I shuffled through my mental Rolodex of feelings, nostalgia and things that didn’t require any advance plans and I still was left with a long list of options.

Then I remembered that when faced with  a similar dilemma before I was able to pull off the time of a lifetime in Abaco in less than 24 hours and I knew instantly I could replicate that feat here in Nassau with a little bit of effort.

There’s so much to see in Nassau like the pirates of Nassau Museum, or doing a dive excursion with dolphin encounters, or hopping over to fish fry for one of those handmade conch salads and a cold kalik.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a great gem I stumbled upon a few minutes ago that provides a good snippet of what you can achieve in one day in the Nassau.

Now they may have left out some of my goodies that I’ll break down for you in another article, but here’s a little appetizer to whet your appetite and get those island cravings flowing in your veins.

Let me know if the video gets those  island cravings started?


About the author: Fabian Christopher is the Managing editor and owner of Sandy Slipper Travel and online magazine. An avid enthusiast of the Bahamas, he is always ready and available to make your vacation dreams in the islands a memorable experience. If  you enjoyed this article, like us on facebook for more great updates on the Bahamas.

photo credit mark bonica via flickr

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