How to get stranded Naked in the Abacos

How it all began in 1988 - The Stranded Naked House Boat

Sometimes getting stranded in the islands may not sound like your ideal getaway, wait until this story unfolds and you’ll realize your stranded with 1,500 party goers all crooning to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett, trying to consume over 100 gallons of rum punch, followed by 100 gallons of margaritas and 1,200 burgers to wash it down with.

Oh did I mention it’s all free!!

If this sounds like a dream, wake up its not!

Its the Regatta kick off party in the remote part of the Abacos called fiddle Cay.

Where the Regatta begins..

Stranded Naked Cook team










Stranded Naked is a themed party created by Bobb Henderson a former native of Keystone Heights Florida. After being captivated by the life Jimmy buffet sings about in his songs, Bobb decided that he would make his dream a reality by buying a sailboat and moving down to the Bahamas.

Little did he know his sailboat dream would evolve into a houseboat that he would sail down to the Bahamas in 1988 and he would never look back.

Fast forward 20 odd years later and you have what is now become one of the biggest, well kept secrets in the Bahamas.

Oops not anymore!

The stranded naked Spa

Stranded guest on the burger line










The Stranded Naked in paradise regatta kickoff party attracted 1,500 party goers this year. The party initially began on the houseboat, until the crowds continued to grow and his houseboat couldn’t handle them all anymore.

When the party originally started, it only required up to 30 burgers to get everyone fed, but as the word grow. They had to cap the number of free burgers dished out to 1,200  , 400 lbs of fries, 400 hot dogs, 100 gallons of margaritas and 100 gallons of rum punch.

And to think the whole party got started by Bob and a few friends who wanted to just drink , enjoy the Bahamas waters and listen to Jimmy Buffet music. This party just ended a few short days ago and unfortunately Jimmy hasn’t made an appearance at the famous stranded naked beach party yet, but who knows maybe with a little prodding and suggestions from yours truly, we’ll see what we can cook up for next year on July 3rd 2013.

The Stranded Naked beach party - Only in the Bahamas

You’ve got time to plan and if your like any of the fans that partied with me at the Kenny Chesney concert at Atlantis.

We’re gonna have one helluva time!!

Now here’s a buffet duet, to help you cruise through the rest of your day!

If this one makes you sing, leave me a comment I want to hear from ya!

About the author: Fabian Christopher is the Managing editor and owner of Sandy Slipper Travel and online magazine. An avid enthusiast of the Bahamas, he is always ready and available to make your vacation dreams in the islands a memorable experience. If  you enjoyed this article, like us on facebook for more great updates on the Bahamas.

photo creds: the abaco forum, a whales tale

2 Responses to “How to get stranded Naked in the Abacos”

  1. Michael says:

    I love that song! Zac Brown one of my favorite country music bands and Jimmy Buffett a legend by himself.

  2. BahamasDread says:

    Yeah its a great song to get you into the groove of the islands. Knee deep in the ocean somewhere, lol preferably in the Bahamas!

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