How to have the perfect summer getaway without boarding a plane

The perfect summer getaway

The perfect summer getaway doesn’t involve having to catch a plane and traveling half way around the world to experience a great vacation.

It all begins with you.

Before you even set one foot outside, mentally you have already determined whether or not your going to enjoy your getaway or not.

So don’t let those hum drum feelings get the best of you. Here are 5 tried and tested tips to help you achieve the perfect summer getaway, without even having to board a plane.

Tip #1 : A relaxing pair of flip flops

Tip #1: Flip Flops

I don’t know who created them, but flip flops  have become the quintessential item that automatically triggers the body to go into relaxation mode.  Flip flops have been around since 4,000 BC when  Egyptians began wearing the very first pairs.

Could it have been because they knew what cool was, perhaps.

But as time fast forwarded to the future, flip flops have become the signature item that has marked the relaxation movement and no summer getaway would be complete without  adorning a comfortable pair.

Flip flops are the summer getaway must haves. You can traipse easily between the pool,  the lounge, the sand and the ocean without ever having to change your footwear of having to worry about bothersome laces.

Moreover you don’t have to be concerned about getting them wet.

Tip #2 : Sunscreen

Tip # 2) Sunscreen

As important as the sun is to the summer getaway, we often tend to over-indulge which leaves us with burned overly sensitive skin as a memento of a moment of bliss gone sour.

With the radiance of the sun beating down its easy to be lulled into a false sense of giddiness without the proper protection. With temperatures soaring well above the 90′s its definitely not a good idea to miss or forgot this important tool.

But when done properly, like many of the fashionistas and famous red carpet icons the result is a perfectly bronzed tan to rival any Colombian beauty.

Lotion up with the proper spf cream and enjoy that heat with emblazoned pride this summer.

Tip #3 : The Secret Weapon

Tip #3)  The Secret weapon

Now as if heading to the beach, a local water park or your neighborhood YMCA wasn’t a daunting escapade in its own right; you also have to consider how your going to match up against those manicured barbies and muscle bound kens.

This summer you have the advantage, a secret weapon of sorts.

And this year you can ditch the endless train of questions that will surface like:

Did I do enough crunches?

Should I wear a two-piece or one piece?

Or  if you happen to be  a guy, whether a European swim trunk is  really acceptable to wear around these parts.

Because lo and behold  none of that matters this year, because the most important attire should be your sunglasses.

Having the perfect pair of sunglasses can transform that humdrum housewife of Madison county look, into a diva from Hollywood or the George Clooney of South Beach.

Perched properly on your nose, poised for perfection and your ready to lounge on any beach, in any chair,or  on any coast.

Tip #4 : The Perfect Spot

Tip #4) The perfect spot

Now that you have the perfect equipment.

All you need is the perfect spot.

No scientific calibrations are needed and you don’t have to know anything about a equinox, a summer solstice or how to construct sundials.

All you need to do is find the perfect spot that allows you to recline perfectly, put your feet up and ensure that your view is not obstructed.

This is your time to daydream and relax like you’ve never done before.

The perfect spot is a place where daydreams are exhilirating and snoring is considered a concerto.

Whether its the beach, at a park or even in your backyard. It has to be somewhere you can be at peace and hide out for an hour or two undisturbed.

I’ll leave the exact location up to you, but if  kids can be heard nagging an earshot away your still not in the perfect spot even if it’s 12,000 miles away from home.

Tip #5: The Island Mind

Tip #5) Island Mind

The last and most important tip to ensure you achieve your perfect summer getaway; cannot be bought, discovered or unearthed.

Tips one through four are very important, but are all pebbles along the journey without this one important detail.

This final tip that will ensure your summer getaway surpasses anything you’ve ever experienced before and leave you with an overwhelming feeling of calm, serenity and a carefree disposition.

To achieve this feeling you’ll have to become attuned and transition into your island mind.

Imagine being able to channel your inner zen and reach a state of relaxation so calming, so soothing that no matter what’s coursing through your brain, it fades away and you enter a state of momentary bliss.

Now you may think these tips are hard to employ, but as you slowly build from tip 1 through 5 , you’ll begin to feel relaxed, invigorated and poised to handle any challenges life has for you.

And if your not prepared to return back to being a cubicle warrior battling to retain your sanity from the chaos of day to day life.

Take another hour and enjoy your summer getaway for a little while longer.

Are you ready for your perfect summer getaway?

About the author: Fabian Christopher is the Managing editor and owner of Sandy Slipper Travel and online magazine. An avid enthusiast of the Bahamas, he is always ready and available to make your vacation dreams in the islands a memorable experience.

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2 Responses to “How to have the perfect summer getaway without boarding a plane”

  1. RumShopRyan says:

    Nice story Fabian. I find that music really helps to make that island mind happen. When I’m at work, eyes needing from the computer screen, nothing takes me to hat island state of mind better than a little reggae and no shoes radio.

    Cheers mon!

  2. BahamasDread says:

    You hit the nail right on the head ryan. Music is also that extra notch that really flips that island mind switch. I can tell you’ve followed the pebbles before and know the location of island mind by heart.
    Cheers to that and get some sand in those flip flops!

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