Kickback Fridays: The great Bahamian pig roast

Okay so I’m fresh off the plane,  a little sun -tanned and in a good mood.

Today is kickback friday and I just finished a three day escapade traipsing through the Abaco’s and the myriad of cays they have scattered around their waters.

I’ll save some of those great stories for you guys next week.

But before I left I promised a good buddy of mine and fellow blogger Brad Beach that I would get him an awesome Roast Pig recipe similar to what they cook up at Nippers in Guana Cay.

So guess what I did?

I took a plane to Abaco on Tuesday, grabbed a ferry to great guana cay on Wednesday morning and rented a golf cart and drove over to Nippers Bar and Grill, because nothing would be better than the original recipe.

Here's what happens when Nippers does a Pig Roast! It's party Time

Getting the recipe:

Now the chef at Nipppers on Guana Cay wasn’t willing to trade his original recipe to the likes of me. But I got a finger licking recipe from “Uncle Forty” a chef from Treasure Cay to spill the beans.

Now uncle forty got his name from the dozens of recipes he knows how to cook that are all locked away in his memory and his uncanny way of being happy and upbeat and not looking a day over forty,even though he’s well into his 70′s.

It must be something about that Abaco way of life.

So here’s to you brad, I’ll be enjoying a great pig roast myself this weekend, because i couldn’t let you have all the fun.

So here’s to a great Kickback Friday and let me know if you try out this recipe for a great Bahamian Pig roast!

Roast pig cheeks

Chef forty’s recipe for a sweet suckling roast Pig:

1) Salt the water. If you were in the islands, you would use water gathered from the ocean. But this is a good substitute.

2)2 bottles of red wine, for a pig over 45lbs poured directly into the water

3) Add all purpose seasoning, garlic, and chicken seasoning broth.

4)3 -4  cloves of ground fresh garlic added to the water

5) Allow to marinate over night

6) Remove pig from the bath, re-apply the rub mixture above generously onto the pig.

7)Place pig onto the grill and continuously baste each side with the secret incredient.

8) The secret ingredient is Italian dressing.

9)Allow pig to roast on each side for 30 minutes, on a low flame. preferably with just the charcoals lit.

Then turn over.

10) Depending on the size of the pig, cook time will vary between 6 – 8 hours.

Enjoy and send pics if you use the recipe.

About the author: Fabian Christopher is the Managing editor and owner of Sandy Slipper Travel and online magazine. An avid enthusiast of the Bahamas, he is always ready and available to make your vacation dreams in the islands a memorable experience. If  you enjoyed this article, like us on facebook for more great updates on the Bahamas.

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One Response to “Kickback Fridays: The great Bahamian pig roast”

  1. Brad Beach says:

    Thank you for sharing this my man, Fabian !!! Looks like the secret is out! Now all I need to find is a case of Kalik or Sands beer to go with my pig roast next weekend.

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