The Sandyslipper: Open for business

Early morning bliss

Yawn…today began like any typical Friday. Wake up before the crack of dawn, brew me a cup of  Earl Grey Tea and as I take my first sip, I always stare longingly out my front windows and take in a whiff of that clear crisp Ocean surf.

But something is different about today; an excitement I couldn’t quite nail down, but something was happening.


Every day all of us start our days off by enduring the long commute to work, greeting our coworkers, scouring blogs and articles about where we could be, or how to better our lives, or live the perfect lifestyle or how to escape from it all and find our inner zen.

The Sandyslipper was initially created to fill that same void that existed in so many of us around the world. It was created to share with you my friends, I can call you my friends now right? To share with you my friends, my companions, my accomplices all the Bahamas has to offer; it’s serene beaches, hidden getaways and its great eats and treats.

Travel and what its for

There is a variety of different reasons why people take trips. Some take trips to getaway from the day to day grind, or to relax and forget about work. While others take trips to escape the nagging in-laws that can’t seem to get the message that there not invited over every weekend for dinner. Whatever your reasons may be, don’t you deserve to have the best vacation your money can buy?

I think so!!

So where’s the office?

Where's the Office?

Its amazing in the last two months I’ve been asked that question no less than 30 times, where is your office located and where are you right now. We just want to come chill out and have a Sandyslipper day. I’m truly touched guys, it must mean I’m doing something right. Unfortunately, I’m like a nomad right now, the office is wherever I set up shop for the day, which means each and every one of you get to experience a new facet of the Bahamas every week. Whether it is a secluded beach in abaco, a new restaurant I stumble across in the cays or a beach bungalow I’m using to reclaim my inner Zen.

Open for Business

The doors are open

Since I realized friends are only truly friends once they are committed to helping each other out, I’ve decided to open my doors. Starting from today, I’m open to helping you guys experience the Bahamas how I experienced it!  With an unbridled enthusiasm, no constraints and with all the guided insight only a true insider could deliver.

So you not only get all the free access to all the goodies on where to stay , where to eat and what time of year is great to experience the ultimate vacation you’ve been dying for. But you also can get the benefit of yours truly Fabian- Christopher booking your trip and turning it up a few notches. So it not just a trip, but a memorable experience you can look back on for years to come. Consider me your personal travel concierge, without all the frilly charges.

So step inside lets get some sand in those toes and don’t worry about brushing off your feet, we like Sandyslipper’s around here….


I know how much everyone loves credentials. So below is a photo journal of some of my most exciting travel experiences in the Bahamas so far!! Boo yahh (Just had to throw that in there). Turn your speakers way up!!!

9 Responses to “The Sandyslipper: Open for business”

  1. 365give says:

    Congrats Fabian! Looking forward to reading your stories on the Bahamas. I know you will take us on a fantastic adventure!

  2. BahamasDread says:

    Thanks Jacqueline, i will do my best!

  3. Mark Brown says:

    Outstanding!! And who better to show us the real Bahamas than someone who lives, eats, and breathes Bahamas every day!!

  4. BahamasDread says:

    Living in paradise is a treat, why not share it!!

  5. omg!!! can I just hop on a plane and just come on over now? geez that was just gorgeous! and yes no one tells us about the Bahamas like you do. It’s such a beautiful place and I so love the lifestyle.

  6. BahamasDread says:

    cynthia you got it, just hop on over and get some sand in those slippers!!
    I’m thinking october , hint , hint!! Mind Body and soul conference, more details to come!!

  7. RumShopRyan says:

    I know that when I was in the Bahamas the Sandy Slipper did a great job of showing me around the island and explaining some of its rich history.

    So what exactly is your job title now? Is this post explaining that you jumped full time in to the SandySlipper and the Bahamas promotion engine?

    Cheers man!

  8. BahamasDread says:

    Well rummy i was always a full time Bahamas promoter, but now I not only talk about it, I plan out your entire trip so you can experience it, just like I do.
    I guess you can call the official title, your personal Bahamas concierge.

  9. RumShopRyan says:

    I like it. Keep doin’ it and doin’ it well my friend. Cheers.

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