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Why use a travel agent

Many common myths abound about why you should and shouldn’t use  a travel agent.

Myth 1: It will be too expensive.

Myth 2: It will increase the cost of my trip.

Myth 3: I can just spend 21 hours researching my own trip online and discover everything that is to know.

But do these myths really hold true.

Most travel agents, like yours truly at the Sandy Slipper won’t charge you a dime for hooking you up with an awesome trip.

So no extra money, means no added costs.

Also, the hours you may spend researching your trip, doesn’t make up for the years and hours your travel agent

has spent creating industry relationships. Designed to give you that extra good treatment and extras you can’t get from a booking engine online.

So what do you think?

Myths debunked.

Lets dive deeper to learn more about why now is the best time to cross that awesome trip off the bucket list;

and see why a dedicated travel expert should be employed.

In the technology age of find it quick and easy on-line, you may be thinking, why should I use a travel agent?

Everything is online already, just Google it.

So to help you answer that question here are my favorite reasons:

Reason 1: It is not just about price

Pricing matters, but does value matter more.

When searching for a trip, price definitely matters.

But will an online search tell you, when’s the best booking period.

Does an online search give you advice on traveling in off peak periods to get better values and

can search engines inform you of local events and activities to cater to your local taste?

I think not.

Reason #2: Travel agents rock

Travel agents are sophisticated search engines, that can take any of the quirks you have.

Such as if your traveling with a 2 year old, and you need a hotel that is child friendly, but still swanky enough to provide the adults with some much needed extra amenities.

Or if your dying to discover a new country, but your not sure where to find a restaurant that caters to your intricate diet requirements.

A travel agent can uncover these much needed details in minutes, while it make take you weeks to try to uncover restaurants that have no online reviews,

and worse yet a hotel that doesn’t rely on social media to bring in droves of clients, but does a great job via  word of mouth.

Reason #3: The rest of the world doesn’t operate like the US.

It’s sometimes a jaw dropper to a few, but once travel ensues out of the continental unites states,

many countries, small business and restaurants don’t rely on website reviews, facebook and twitter as much as our US counterpart.

They allow the value of their establishment to speak for themselves and for their clients to praise their deeds.

Isn’t it the worse feeling to arrive in a new place and it seems all of the locals knew the best spots to hit, except you?

Luckily, if you had an astute travel agent on your side, he could have pointed you in the right direction.


Reason #4: Can I see the moola.

Many times when clients first walk into our office, (proverbial office) many of them begin by hedging their bets on price.

Starting with all the comparisons they’ve gathered from this website and that website.

Which is always good.

I mean who would walk into a negotiation without ammo right.


But what most of my clients quickly find out , after a few short interactions is we’re actually on the same team.

This isn’t a negotiation and I’m not trying to receive the highest commission I can achieve.

But its about providing the best experience the client is looking for.

Whether that experience comes from saving money or having the best time imaginable or a combination of both.

It’s totally up to the client.

I’m just here to facilitate your needs.

Sometimes the options may involve changing a room, or adjusting flight options because of an unexpected delay or adding a last minute traveler.

Life throws curve balls all the time; having a coach on your team with experience helps you score a home-run every time.

Reason # 5:  Insider secrets

Like many of us out there, we all have full time jobs. So who has the time to spend hours scouring the internet,

piecing together a jigsaw puzzle of information in the hopes of piecing together the perfect trip.

With the unknown elements being, amenities and upgrades

Such as access to special flights and deals are hidden away from the public view and held just for agent privileges.

Most hotels, travel sites, tour companies and transfer operations, save the best goodies, prices and special packages for their friends and industry cohorts.

I mean isn’t human nature to look out for someone whose going to look out for you.

Well this is what happens.

Industry rewards the travel agents, because they see it as a win-win.

They get access to our immense client base, referrals and repeat business and we get all the goodies that make our clients swoon with delight.

So with all of the myths debunked, sweet tidbits and insider goodies revealed.

Life is short, live it and live it well.

Reach out to a travel agent today and see how easy it is to cross off that fantastic trip off your bucket list!

Cheers to your next wonderful trip and happy traipsing.

Whose ready to get that awesome trip started?

About the author: Fabian Christopher is the Managing editor and owner of Sandy Slipper Travel and online magazine. An avid enthusiast of the Bahamas, he is always ready and available to make your vacation dreams in the islands a memorable experience.

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photocred: Jonathan wagner via flickr


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